Tier 2 Sold Out

The last four Tier 2 tickets were sold this morning.

The board and the event council will be evaluating how well covered our volunteer needs, especially around rangering, safety, and medical are. The closer we are to having a full slate of staff the more confident we’ll feel in releasing additional ticketing up to the maximum population cap we’ve negotiated with the landowner. This means that even if you have your ticket, one of the ways you can affect how many more tickets become available is by volunteering to get those shifts filled.

Once we have decided how many additional tickets we’ll be able to make available, those will be released in an OMG sale early in June. This will not be a large release, and the price will be $75, not including taxes and fees. In the meantime, if you still need a ticket the best way is through the volunteer directed sale program. We are also still accepting scholarship applications. Click on the Ticketing link on our website to find out information on both of those programs.

Placement and ticketing will be working through all of the existing registrations we have to determine what our capacity for additional vehicle camping is. As soon as we have information on that we’ll be sure to get that posted. If you’re considering registering a theme camp please get that registration in ASAP, as we’ll likely be closing that registration early when we hit capacity. Theme camp registration can be found at the bottom of The Fine Print link above.

This is looking to be the biggest SunBurn ever, with the most theme camps, the most art, and the most attendees we’ve ever had.