Ticketing Errata

As we move into the ticketing endgame for SunBurn 2019, I wanted to very briefly answer some questions about our ticketing process, and what we need you to do have the smoothest experience at gate possible.


Ticket transfers are mostly self service. The sender and receiver each fill out the ticket transfer request form and as long as the information lines up, ticketing will process your request and update the gate list for entry.

If you need a ticket or have a ticket to sell, e-mail ticketing@nmsunburn.com and let us know, and we’ll try to do some matchmaking on our end.

Vehicle Passes

The changes we’ve made to vehicle passes this year have caused a lot of confusion, and we’re very sorry about that. The restrictions at the site regarding where vehicles can be placed are a significant challenge, and the last thing we want is to sell more passes than we have room for.

The only vehicle pass available for open sale at this time is the Vehicle Parking Pass. This is for tent camping only, and you will need to unload your vehicle along the loop around open camping, and then move your vehicle to the parking lot. If you need your vehicle with you, e-mail ticketing@nmsunburn.com and let us know what your needs are, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

If you don’t already have a vehicle pass and think you need one, use this handy flowchart to figure out which one you need.

Registration Forms

The other big change with ticketing this year is to placement and vehicle registration forms. We’ll be sending out reminders asking all ticket holders to fill these forms out in the coming weeks.

Vehicle registration allows us to know what vehicles are coming on site, who is responsible for them and where they’ll need to be placed. It also lets us have a vehicle placard pre-printed for you.

The Individual Placement form helps us understand what our attendees need in terms of open camping – do we need a larger quiet area? Do we need additional camping near an ADA accessible porto? It also helps us make sure every attendee is properly ticketed, and avoid situation at gate where people show up and can’t get in.

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  1. Hi I have a small camper I am bringing with me. I was confused and neglected to get an RV pass since it isn’t mobile without my truck pulling it. I only got a parking pass for the truck. I already have tickets please help me with this matter.


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