Volunteers Needed! Work Weekend June 15-16

SunBurn is almost upon us and we really need your help to get the site ready for our event. It’s time to do some more event prep on-site! 
Volunteers from our last work weekend can attest to the satisfaction that comes from working hard with your fellow particpants. There is plenty to be done on site and this opportunity to come out to the site is June 15-16. Real soon!

Please register before coming to site. We need to know for insurance reasons exactly who will be on site during the weekend. You can register and sign up for shifts at:

It will be crucial that anyone who comes to a work weekend is prepared to, well, work. The site is in no way conducive to working in open-toed shoes, so please plan accordingly; boots or steel-toes are preferable over sneakers. Gloves will be essential; hard hats will be helpful. Tools and equipment will be provided, but if you have any you’re willing to bring, please do! There will be shade and snacks, but you’ll need to bring your own water, sunscreen, hat, whatever you need to work outside in the sun, along with shelter, food, and whatever you need for an overnight camp-out, if you’re planning on staying both days.

Ideally everyone would arrive between 8-8:30am, have a quick touch-base meeting 8:30-9:00am, start work at 9:00am, and work until 6:00pm (or sooner) on Day 1 and 3:00pm on Day 2. If you are coming to both days, just select a shift on both days and we’ll know you’re staying overnight (let us know if this is not your case). There’s absolutely no obligation to do so; whatever time you’re able to contribute will be much appreciated.

Theme camp leads are invited to participate in the work weekend wherever they feel most comfortable. They will also be given the opportunity to scout, prepare, and pull inspiration from their designated areas. Ideally, they’ll also move on to help with another project when finished with theme camp work.

Project #1: Town and ART prep. This team will be readying the town for guests by doing preliminary LNT efforts, repairing the siding/wall on the back of the saloon, and organizing and/or install power grids and lines as necessary for art projects or general use.

Project #2: Safety repairs and flagging. Identify and repair areas with safety concerns (porches, interior floors and ceilings). Flag various areas for placement. 

Project #3: Staging. Work with Placement lead to stage variety of town props and infrastructure. 

Fluffer: For those who want to help but have limited ability for manual labor. These critical folx will help keep work crews hydrated, assist cleaning up smaller debris as able, light clean-up around the site, etc.

For more info, register for a shift and await email updates, or you can reach out to volunteers@nmsunburn.com.