Join the Board!


As 2019 comes to a close, NMSPF90 LLC’s board of directors needs to bring the work of two individuals whose tenure is drawing to a close.

Momo and Blaze will be finally stepping down. Blaze has been filling double duty as both NM Regional Contact and a Board Member, while also supporting the community by providing his workplace as a meeting space. Momo has been doing an unimpeachable job maintaining our finances for several years. The remaining board thanks them for their time and energy, and look forward to their return top being part of the problem.

With that said, we have spots to fill. Per our current By-Laws, the NMSPF90 Board of Directors should consist of at least five, but up to nine, individuals. While many of you may be understandably intimidated by the amount of effort that went into this year’s SunBurn, being a board member is more typically just about being a part of steering and decisionmaking. Ideal candidates must have reliable access to electronic communications, and be able to participate regularly via Slack as well as attend a monthly meeting via video conference. All manner of experience and persuasion are welcome and encouraged. Primarily, you need to have a level head, a passionate heart, and the interest and inclination to keep New Mexico Burners going and growing. Term limits are typically two years.

The interest form is available here:

Even if you’re uncertain whether you’d be a good candidate, reach out to us to have a discussion. The worst thing that could happen would be a suggestion about other ways you could get involved.