SunBurn 2020

We’re excited to announce that we have confirmed this year’s dates and location for SunBurn!

SunBurn 2020
Eaves Movie Ranch
July 2nd – July 5th

The theme has not yet been decided (see the most recent post before this), nor do we have ticketing information yet. First, we need to get our planning team (Event Council) organized. If you are interested in joining the Council, or if you want to get involved but in less of a lead capacity, or if you have any questions about SunBurn at all, we invite you to come to our winter Town Hall. This is when we start picking up  momentum with planning the event, filling department lead roles, sparking volunteer interest, and announcing more details, along with answering your questions about getting involved too.

Saturday February 1st, LivLab Studios
420 Haines Ave. NW, ABQ
Meet-and-greet 1:30pm
Meeting starts 2:00pm

A note on volunteerism and participation: As a 100% volunteer-driven event, SunBurn simply cannot and will not happen without participation. If you had a great time at SunBurn last year and want to have a hand in this year, or if you had a terrible time and want to make it better, or any number of other reasons to get involved, we need you! There are a variety of roles to fill and ways to contribute, to meet any level of interest and availability. 

The Event Council is compromised of key department leads and is responsible for planning, producing, and executing the SunBurn event. This is not yet a call-out for volunteers, which will come later, but we are looking for people interested in leading a department during planning. You will not be on your own, as we want to have at least two co-leads for each department.

You can register your interest here for now, or send an email to, or we will be available to talk more at the Town Hall.

Hope to see you there!

The sun burns in 166 days!!