SunBurn Map & Final Work Weekend

Nothing says SunBurn is getting really close than the final placement map release! Handful, your tireless Placement Lead has been thoughtfully figuring out where to put all of ya, and there is a lot more of y’all compared to last year! 

You can download the map in two sizes…
Fullsize map:

Printable Letter Size Map:

SunBurn Pre-Event Set-Up Weekend: 6/29-6/30: There is still plenty to get done on site to get ready for SunBurn. We could really use additional help to finish out some final smaller projects, prepare for Art placement and help set the effigy for construction. 

If you can make it out this weekend please pre-register by filling out this signup form

Gate opens in 10 days!! Volunteer!!

Final Ticket Opportunity

The absolute last chance for a volunteer ticket will be happening on Thursday morning, June 24th. I’ll be sending out a final e-mail notification to anyone on the waiting list that hasn’t been ticketed. If you want to be on that list, you need to e-mail These will be handed out first come, first served, to whoever responds and signs up for six hours of volunteer shifts.

Ice, Ice, Baby

NMSPF90 LLC will be having an ice delivery, entirely free, on Saturday. We’re planning for about a bag an attendee. If you want MORE, go ahead and visit

and add some Ice Donations to an order. These are 10lb bags offered at $2 / bag, with a 5 bag minimum. There will be NO sales on site, and the deal is that if you put in an order, you need to make sure you’re there when the truck arrives to get your ice. When the truck needs to leave, we’ll be distributing whatever’s leftover as we see fit. We’ll be checking people off while the truck is there, so keep an ear out and be ready to get over there. If you don’t pick up your order, we’ll do it for you. Capiche?

These donations will close Sunday night, because we’re setting the delivery up the next day.

The Struggle is REAL

Your friendly neighborhood ticketing lead here to ask that you familiarize yourself with our ticket transfer information BEFORE you start buying or selling SunBurn tickets. The process is two step to protect both parties, and I’m more than happy to verify the purchase price of any ticket. To do that, ask the seller to request a transfer to your e-mail address, and then send an e-mail about it to

Without the Ticket ID (which is in the confirmation e-mail you’ll receive), you can’t complete the transfer, but I can confirm the purchase price to you. You pay them, they give you that number, and you accept the transfer with it. Very safe for both parties.

We’re also down to our last 3 volunteer tickets. All volunteer ticketing will be closed on Sunday, June 30th, which is when the database is locked so we can prepare for the event. A quick reminder that volunteer tickets are NON TRANSFERRABLE. Don’t try to sell them, they’ll be canceled.

Have you heard the good news…

…about volunteering?

First and foremost, volunteering at SunBurn is easier than ever simply by visiting

Second, your best chance for tickets at this time is to make sure you’re on the Volunteer Directed Sale Wait List. People’s plans change, and when those people had a VDGS ticket, that ticket is refunded and recycled into the waitlist. When you’re on the list, you might get an e-mail from ticketing, telling you it’s your turn and there’s a spot if you want it. If we don’t hear from you within 24 hours, the spot goes to the next person in line. The only way to get these Tier 1 priced tickets is to be on the list, and the only way to get on the list is to e-mail and say “I want to be on the volunteer wait list”

Volunteers Needed! Work Weekend June 15-16

SunBurn is almost upon us and we really need your help to get the site ready for our event. It’s time to do some more event prep on-site! 
Volunteers from our last work weekend can attest to the satisfaction that comes from working hard with your fellow particpants. There is plenty to be done on site and this opportunity to come out to the site is June 15-16. Real soon!

Please register before coming to site. We need to know for insurance reasons exactly who will be on site during the weekend. You can register and sign up for shifts at:

It will be crucial that anyone who comes to a work weekend is prepared to, well, work. The site is in no way conducive to working in open-toed shoes, so please plan accordingly; boots or steel-toes are preferable over sneakers. Gloves will be essential; hard hats will be helpful. Tools and equipment will be provided, but if you have any you’re willing to bring, please do! There will be shade and snacks, but you’ll need to bring your own water, sunscreen, hat, whatever you need to work outside in the sun, along with shelter, food, and whatever you need for an overnight camp-out, if you’re planning on staying both days.

Ideally everyone would arrive between 8-8:30am, have a quick touch-base meeting 8:30-9:00am, start work at 9:00am, and work until 6:00pm (or sooner) on Day 1 and 3:00pm on Day 2. If you are coming to both days, just select a shift on both days and we’ll know you’re staying overnight (let us know if this is not your case). There’s absolutely no obligation to do so; whatever time you’re able to contribute will be much appreciated.

Theme camp leads are invited to participate in the work weekend wherever they feel most comfortable. They will also be given the opportunity to scout, prepare, and pull inspiration from their designated areas. Ideally, they’ll also move on to help with another project when finished with theme camp work.

Project #1: Town and ART prep. This team will be readying the town for guests by doing preliminary LNT efforts, repairing the siding/wall on the back of the saloon, and organizing and/or install power grids and lines as necessary for art projects or general use.

Project #2: Safety repairs and flagging. Identify and repair areas with safety concerns (porches, interior floors and ceilings). Flag various areas for placement. 

Project #3: Staging. Work with Placement lead to stage variety of town props and infrastructure. 

Fluffer: For those who want to help but have limited ability for manual labor. These critical folx will help keep work crews hydrated, assist cleaning up smaller debris as able, light clean-up around the site, etc.

For more info, register for a shift and await email updates, or you can reach out to

SunBurn is Sold Out

We are functionally sold out at this time. All open sales are finished, all volunteer codes are issued, and all scholarships have been awarded.

If you have a ticket to sell, e-mail and we’ll try to match you up with buyers. Please keep in mind that Volunteer Tickets ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. Contact ticketing at the e-mail above for a refund.

Watch this space for announcements about specific volunteer opportunities that may become available that would allow you to purchase a ticket. These will depend on volunteers that have been issued tickets not buying

Placement Update

Hi y’all, your Placement Lead here to let you know that Theme Camp Registration will close this Saturday, June 1st. Register here. If you’re a theme camp lead, you may want to use the “Edit Response” button in the form confirmation you should have received via e-mail to update your camp’s information.

Also, we’ll continue accepting art placement requests through June, but if you’re planning a project that requires a lot of space, maybe get that to us sooner than later. Register here.

Thanks, Handful

Ticketing Errata

As we move into the ticketing endgame for SunBurn 2019, I wanted to very briefly answer some questions about our ticketing process, and what we need you to do have the smoothest experience at gate possible.


Ticket transfers are mostly self service. The sender and receiver each fill out the ticket transfer request form and as long as the information lines up, ticketing will process your request and update the gate list for entry.

If you need a ticket or have a ticket to sell, e-mail and let us know, and we’ll try to do some matchmaking on our end.

Vehicle Passes

The changes we’ve made to vehicle passes this year have caused a lot of confusion, and we’re very sorry about that. The restrictions at the site regarding where vehicles can be placed are a significant challenge, and the last thing we want is to sell more passes than we have room for.

The only vehicle pass available for open sale at this time is the Vehicle Parking Pass. This is for tent camping only, and you will need to unload your vehicle along the loop around open camping, and then move your vehicle to the parking lot. If you need your vehicle with you, e-mail and let us know what your needs are, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

If you don’t already have a vehicle pass and think you need one, use this handy flowchart to figure out which one you need.

Registration Forms

The other big change with ticketing this year is to placement and vehicle registration forms. We’ll be sending out reminders asking all ticket holders to fill these forms out in the coming weeks.

Vehicle registration allows us to know what vehicles are coming on site, who is responsible for them and where they’ll need to be placed. It also lets us have a vehicle placard pre-printed for you.

The Individual Placement form helps us understand what our attendees need in terms of open camping – do we need a larger quiet area? Do we need additional camping near an ADA accessible porto? It also helps us make sure every attendee is properly ticketed, and avoid situation at gate where people show up and can’t get in.