Entering SunBurn

Your experience starts here! This section will be divided into two parts, Gate Rules and Gate Procedure. Reading through this information thoroughly to prepare yourself ahead of time will greatly ameliorate your gate experience, and likely help you understand just why it can take more time than just being checked off a list.

But first – gate hours!
Thursday 6/30: 10am – 8pm

Friday 7/1: 10am – 8pm

Saturday 7/2 10am – 5pm

Sunday 7/3 Gate Closed

Monday 7/4 Exodus

*IMPORTANT: These hours will be strictly enforced! If you arrive at 1 minute after close or 1 min prior to open, or anywhere outside of Gate hours, we will not be able to accommodate your entry until gate is open. No entry on Sunday*

If you find you will not arrive within these times, you will need to make plans to stay elsewhere until gate opens. There is absolutely no stopping or camping on the road and this will be strictly enforced by law enforcement. La Bajada Rest Area is less than 10 miles to the south on I-25.

Gate Rules For Attendees:

  • Every participant must have a ticket.
  • There are NO ticket sales at gate for SunBurn.
  • Every participant’s ticket must be in their name.
  • Tickets may be transferred via SunBurn Ticketing. June 26 is the cut-off; we will not be able to accommodate any other transfers after that time, as the ticket list will be printed and on its way to site.
  • There are no physical tickets.
  • Please bring a valid, government-issued photo ID matching the name on your ticket (driver’s license, state ID, & passport are ok; school ID or firearm owner’s ID are not ok.)
  • All participants 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and have a completed minor contact information form prior to the event.
  • Every participant must sign a liability waiver at gate.
  • Every participant must wear a wristband for the duration of the event.
  • There are no ins-and-outs. If you leave site for any reason during the event, you will not be able to get back in. This is for the event’s safety as well as our participants’.
  • All vehicles are subject to search (see Gate Procedure below).

Gate Rules For Vehicles:

  • All vehicles on-site must have an appropriate vehicle pass
  • All vehicles must have a completed vehicle registration form prior to the event.
  • All vehicles must display a vehicle registration placard.
  • Pre-printed placards will be available at gate.

Gate Procedure:

Google Maps knows exactly where we are. We are using the north gate on the property. As you arrive, you will see this turn-off to the left from Rancho Allegre Rd., with a sign for a private event. After you’ve no doubt done well following the speed limits on Bonanza Creek Rd. & Rancho Allegre, the speed limit on the property is no more than 8mph, preferably 5mph.

  • Once you’re in the gate, Gate volunteers will direct you where to park off the entry road and invite you to the check-in table. Turn your car off, grab your ID, and come check in. If you have a large vehicle and/or trailer, please wait for a Gate or Parking volunteer to direct you where to park so that you’re not blocking traffic.
  • A Gate volunteer will take your ID, match your name on our ticket list, ask you to sign our liability waiver, verify your age, and put the appropriate wristband directly on you. 1) Once you are wristbanded, there is no re-entry; 2) Please remember you may not gift alcohol to anyone under 21. 21+ will have different wristbands than attendees who are under 21.
  • If you are coming with a minor (under 18), we will presume you’ve completed the minor registration form and contact sheet in advance. A Gate volunteer will match your minor to our minor list and put the appropriate wristband directly on them as well.
  • A Gate or Parking volunteer will match your name and vehicle with our vehicle registration list and give you the appropriate placard to place in your dashboard throughout the duration of the event. They will also let you know where you’re camping, how to get there, and how much time you have to unload. If you have a parking pass for the lot, you will be limited to 2hrs before your car needs to be parked for the event.
  • A Gate volunteer will also conduct a search of your vehicle. What we’ll be checking for is: stow-aways/unticketed persons; that you’ve brought a fire extinguisher; that you haven’t brought fireworks/sparklers/firearms/animals/anything super MOOPy (feathers, glitter, sequins, glued-on jewels…); your fuel storage plans; etc. If there is something of concern, they will call the Gate Lead over to come have a conversation with you.
  • With business out of the way, a Greeter volunteer will get you acquainted with our event, location, town, events, art, etc., starting with the 10 Principles of Burning Man. There will be a copy of our map, Survival Guide, and Who/What/Where/When at gate for you to peruse as well (along with copies at Info Booth in town).

Once you’re checked in, have signed the waiver, have your wristband, know where you’re camping or unloading, know where you’re parking and how to get there, you’ll be on your way to start “moving in” to our little town! Happy Burn!