NMSPF90 LLC Code of Conduct

NMSPF90 Code of Conduct

The following was approved by NMSPF90 LLC, by way of unanimous vote, on December 7, 2019.

SunBurn is a cultural movement based on the 10 Principles of Burning Man and a quest to experiment these ideas within an evolving community of artists throughout New Mexico, the southwest, and beyond.  The event itself is a temporary village created by its participants in an experiment of radical expression and doocracy, but the community reaches much farther and wider than the annual event.

This Code of Conduct is intended to promote a safe and fun environment for the SunBurn community, at the event, pre- or post-event, and via phone, social media, or in-person communication.  We are an inclusive, expressive community; however, the community at large, as well as each individual within, has boundaries. Respect is of utmost importance.

  • At any and all events organized by NMSPF90 LLC, participants are responsible for their own behavior and conflict resolution.
  • NMSPF90 LLC strongly encourages participants to behave in a manner that does not make other participants feel unsafe or threatened.
  • NMSPF90 LLC will not condone any behavior or action(s) that endangers its ability to hold the annual regional event and other community events.
  • At any and all events organized by NMSPF90 LLC, participants are expected to adhere to the principles of consent regarding sexual activity and physical contact, a situation involving video or photography, or any situation affecting the experience of another participant.
    • Consent is reached only when one party asks first, and the other party verbally agrees to, gives permission for, or says “yes” to physical contact.  Participants must be free to say “yes” or “no” or stop the activity at any point, and a verbal “no” does not constitute a platform for a discussion or argument.  The response must be heard, respected, and accepted. Consent may not be given if the person is intoxicated or incapacitated. Only “yes” means “yes.”
  • Conversely, participants are expected to refrain from non-consensual, demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior.
  • Unacceptable behavior can include, but is not limited to:
    • Predatory behavior, defined as any unwanted and/or non-consensual form of intimidation, harassment, stalking, verbal or physical abuse, violence against people or others’ property, etc.
    • Non-consensual physical contact, including unwelcome sexual interaction.
    • Abuse or neglect of NMSPF90 or SunBurn property, physical or otherwise, such as vandalism, theft, abuse of the ticketing process, or impersonating a lead or event organizer.
    • Disrespecting the surrounding community such as dumping trash in local dumpsters, trespassing, or repeated violations of the sound ordinance.
    • Wanton, flagrant, or repeated disregard for one’s own safety or well-being in a manner that demands intervention of other participants, community members, volunteers or outside agencies, such as intervention by local law enforcement or fire department staff.
    • Repeated or egregious violations of any and all policies put into effect by event organizers.
  • Participants may report any incident during which another participant behaved or is behaving in an abusive, intimidating, threatening, or unsafe manner to a Ranger or Board member.
  • Physical hazards, such as unsafe art installations or fires, should be referred to Rangers immediately.
  • Children under the age of 18 may attend the regional event only if accompanied at all times by a parent, legal guardian, or other responsible party (with accompanying documentation accordingly).

Photo/Video/Social Media Policies:

  • Photographic consent is equally as important as that required for physical contact.  Asking first and obtaining permission is a prerequisite to capturing images of participants, performers, or artwork.
  • No commercial use of any images is permitted without a signed, written agreement from SunBurn organizers and those depicted.  You agree that any images taken are for personal use only (note: posting to social media does not constitute personal use.).
  • Social media/post-event policy:
    • When sharing images on social media, you MUST do one of two things: Copy and paste this exact notice: “These images are for personal use only and not for any other purpose.  Downloading or copying of the images is prohibited;” or
    • List the images under the Create Commons BY-NC-SA license, Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike.
    • If you images contain nudity, partial nudity, or sexual suggested poses, they must be tagged “personal use only” and may NOT be listed under Creative Commons.
    • As a secondary courtesy, give the SunBurn community who may have changed their minds the opportunity to chance to have their photo or tag removed before it goes public.  In the event someone asks you to remove the photo or video, please do so.
  • In the event you see a photo or video you do not approve of, ask the artist or photographer to remove it.  Do your due diligence to resolve the conflict internally first. If they do not respect your boundaries, you can email the Board at llc@nmspf90.com.  If NMSPF90 LLC asks you to remove a photo or video, as per the Liability Waiver signed by each participant on entry, please do so.

Additional Policies:

  • Decommodify.  Advertising, vending, or any offer of goods or services for sale is strictly prohibited during the event.
  • This is a Leave No Trace event.  Pack everything in, pack everything out.
  • Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas or within a closed vehicle (TBD pending subsequent location policies).  Please bring your own ashtray.
  • Handheld lasers are not permitted.  Stationary lasers, including laser stars, must be registered with Placement and must abide by FDA regulations.  Lasers found violating these rules will not be permitted and will be confiscated until the event has completed.
  • Animals are not permitted on-site, per the request of the landowner and suitability of the site in high summer.  Please leave them at home.

Eviction Policy:

The following offenses may lead to eviction or revocation of your entry ticket:

  • No wristband (all participants, no exception)
  • Helping someone sneak into the event
  • Trespassing on out-of-bounds areas, going off property, or otherwise going against the Liability Waiver signed by each participant on entry
  • Disrespect of the land such as digging, felling trees or limbs, etc., or harassing wildlife
  • Malicious destruction of property
  • Possession of weapons or other prohibited items
  • Failure to adhere to the above policies and principles of consent or exhibiting unacceptable behavior
  • Photographing another participant, performer/performance, artwork, or the like without the expressed consent of the subject or taking photos/videos for commercial purposes
  • Vending or commerce of any kind
  • Unsafe driving
  • Possession of alcohol if under 21, or serving of alcohol to someone under 21
  • Failure or parents to ensure their minors are wearing wristbands, failure to ensure a child for which you are responsible has proper supervision at all times, or failure to ensure any minor is able to locate and identify their legal guardian at all times.
  • Violation of any fire or fuel safety rules

Warning(s) and Disinvitation/Watch List Policy:

Members of the SunBurn community may receive a formal warning or a formal letter asking them not to attend future events from NMSPF90 LLC.  Individuals may be asked not to attend some or all NMSPF90 LLC events, or ask not to volunteer in some or all roles with SunBurn. This may result if someone:

  • Has been the subject of a pattern of reports of violating the Code of Conduct or other safety policies that endanger the event or its participants’ safety;
  • Has any well-substantiated report of a sufficiently problematic violation of the Code of Conduct or other policies; and/or
  • Continues problematic behavior after receiving a warning from NMSPF90 LLC about such behavior.

What happens when someone is disinvited and added to the watch list?

  • This “temporary suspension” can be instituted for any period of time deemed adequate and appropriate by the Board, up to one year or permanently.
  • One-year terms will be reviewed by the Board, or an appointed Conduct Committee (once formed) annually, and renewed if necessary.

Appeals Process:

  • Individuals may appeal directly with the Board by emailing llc@nmspf90.com.
  • Appeals will be discussed at the next scheduled Board meeting.
  • Only one appeal request per individual will be considered per year.


The Board will determine if and how to make any announcement, if such announcement would benefit the SunBurn community or other communities.  This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Informing Individuals of Their Statuts:

When a report or complaint has been submitted about an individual, they will be informed of the outcome of that report, including any actions taken. In the absence of an official report, the individual will be informed of the results of any investigations and resulting actions when such investigation completes.  The investigation will be managed by the Board of Directors.

Inquiries About Warned/Watch-Listed Individuals:

Inquiries about individuals may be made to the Board and will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.


NMSPF90 LLC reserves the right to restrict an individual from volunteering in particular capacities or in any capacity.

Restraining Orders:

If two individuals who wish to attend an event have a restraining order in place, the onus is on one of these individuals to follow the orders by not attending the event, as SunBurn is not a large enough event to ensure the others’ safety by maintaining the prescribed distance between one another.  In the case where a restraining order is violated an event, the matter will be referred to local law enforcement.