Share/gain skills and work with our incredible teams. We can’t do it without you! We need prep and on-site volunteers with Gate/Greeters, Art, Department of Public Works (DPW), Leave No Trace (LNT), Rangers, Medical, Department of Information, and a bunch of other things. Register your email and sign up for volunteer shifts at:

SunBurn is a volunteer produced event. We have no stars, headliners, or corporate sponsors. We depend on you, our community, to enable this event’s existence.


It’s that time again! Gather your team.
Follow this link and let’s talk theme camps!!

If you have placement questions, contact

Theme Camp Registration:

For those of you not joining a theme camp, placement team will ensure you get a spot. Please register for camping placement at this link!

Be sure to read all the info on the Tickets page regarding vehicle camping!


Through ticket sales and fundraisers, we have money to give away to artists and makers of all sorts in exchange for illuminating our event with your work. Grants are typically $100 to $500 and are meant to match your own contribution toward your art project.

Learn more about SunBurn Art!

Apply for an Art Grant here!

Our Art Grant applications will close on 5/15. Send any questions to


Share your talents! Can you dance or paint? Want to bring out a harp and perform? Got a sculpture? Let the art department know at

If your art requires a time slot, such as a performance, please also submit a Scheduling request HERE!

Who What When Where (WWWW) & Event Registration:
Throwing a dance party? Slinging some pancakes? Scheduling team would love to know about your contribution to our event! To get a performance or event in the Who What When Where guide for NM SunBurn, please complete THIS FORM
Questions? Feel free to e-mail


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XOXO and gratitude in advance!