SunBurn Art

The Art of SunBurn is YOUR Art!

The art you experience at SunBurn is created by community members and is a reflection of our community. SunBurn Art is entirely contributed by community artists! This is you! Art appears in many forms. Performances, displays, interactions, even as workshops. We encourage you to bring the art that you create to share with the SunBurn community. Small art can be setup at your campsite or at one of the SunBurn galleries. Large art or art that requires placement or additional logistics needs to be registered with SunBurn Art. Please see below for more details. This event is dedicated to the expression of art, register to bring yours!

SunBurn Art Grants

SunBurn is dedicated to fostering a creative community where artistic expression is cultivated, freely pursued and shared. At the heart of our event is art created by our community. To foster this expression, a portion of our event proceeds from the previous year are used to seed art projects for the current year. SunBurn ART provides financial support to artist and artists teams who are developing or installing art for SunBurn. Our goals are to attract artistic diversity, inspire creativity, and enable the development of art ideas which can be shared with our community at our regional burn. We want to facilitate the installation of compelling art!

Please submit your application during the Art Grant Application Window. No art grant applications will be considered after the application window closes. All awarded grants will be announced on the Grant Announcement date.

Note: SunBurn is dedicated to upholding Civic Responsibility: We value civil society. Community members who organize events should assume responsibility for public welfare and endeavor to communicate civic responsibilities to participants. They must also assume responsibility for conducting events in accordance with local, state and federal laws.

Therefore all SunBurn Art projects must be planned in accordance with any local, state, or federal restrictions and comply with any temporary local or state ordinances.

2022 Art Grant Dates

Art grant applications are open now!
May 13th – First cycle art grants announced
June 3rd – Art grant applications close
June 10th – Second cycle art grants announced

Art Grant Applications

Apply for an Art Grant! The application process begins with a short registration form. After submitting that, you will be contacted by the Art Department with additional instructions for completing your Art Grant application.

Recommendations for Art Grant Applications

If your art project is selected, the general rule of thumb for Art Grant requests is that NMSPF90 LLC, through its Art Department, will award 50% of the total budget for art production. In some cases, the award percentage can be higher if the art serves a broader, totally inclusive purpose for the community, or if the art is turned over for its long-term, infrastructure value.

  1. Minimize potential MOOP (matter out of place)
  2. Avoid alienating members of the community or public with your art and/or its message
  3. Ensure art complies with event safety standards and any local, state or federal safety restrictions.
  4. Show how the art is consistent with the Burning Man 10 Principles and culture?
  5. Show that the art production is feasible regarding cost and schedule
  6. Showcase all WOW factors of the art
  7. Avoid asking for too much money for “indirect” materials and/or third-party production expenses
  8. Show that the art is reusable and can be presented at multiple events
  9. Plan to work with the LNT& Safety Team and have a Safety Plan and a Leave No Trace (LNT) plan.
  10. Be Creative!
The Zia Bison from Sunburn 2017. Artist: Chelsea


SunBurn is a volunteer produced event. We have no stars, headliners or corporate sponsors. We depend on you, our community, to enable this event’s existence. Click here to participate in Theme Camps, Volunteering & Site Prep Work weekends.