Ticketing information for the 2019 event has not been determined.  Stay tuned!

NOTE: Service fees will be applicable.

General notes:
– While it is free, participants 13yo and under must have a ticket.
– Minors 17yo and under must be accompanied by a guardian over 21yo.
– Each motor vehicle will require a vehicle pass.  The funds from this sale go to the land-owner and are generally used on maintenance of the property.
– In the event of a burn ban participants and organizers will adhere to all local and State fire ordinances.

As a ticket holder and/or participant at SunBurn you agree to all the conditions as listed on to gain entry to the property and the SunBurn event. You agree that you are willingly entering this property and event at your own risk; that in order to gain access and attend this event that you will abide by the conditions, policies, guidelines and rules set forth herein and subject to change at any point prior to the event. By purchasing a ticket and/or attending SunBurn you KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUME ALL RISK OF PROPERTY LOSS, PERSONAL INJURY, SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH, WHICH MAY OCCUR BY ATTENDING THE 2018 SUNBURN EVENT, AND HEREBY FOREVER RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND HOLD NEW MEXICO BURNERS LLC, NMSPF90 LLC, AND ALL VOLUNTEERS HARMLESS FROM ANY CLAIM ARISING FROM SUCH RISK, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF NEW MEXICO BURNERS LLC, NMSPF90 LLC, OR BY THIRD PARTIES, AND ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY FOR YOUR PARTICIPATION.
Note: SunBurn is not a rave. SunBurn is however, an interactive community of artists, performers, musicians and participants creating both large and small scale art on private land.
This is a private event on private property and is not open to the general public. Those under the age of 18 will need a parent or guardian at least 21 years of age to be with them at the gate when they check in and documentation to prove they have the legal ability to sign all legal documents on behalf of that minor. The price of youths 13 and under is $0. Obtain tickets for all children when checking out so that we may get an accurate head count for the event. All Will Call changes can be submitted to Please submit all ticket changes by Sunday, July 1st.
We reserve the right to deny anyone access to the property and SunBurn or demand they leave for any reason.
You agree that you are 100% responsible for your camp, your personal well being and personal property at all times. There is no water, food or fuel within several miles of this property. There is no power or phone service including cell service on this property. You must come prepared with food, water, shelter, warm clothing and bedding and anything else you need to survive during this event. Please do not bring pets to the event, it is an entirely unsuitable place for them –
The nature of this event, the property, the unique interactive art, the rapidly changing weather conditions, presence of wild or venomous creatures that inhabit the area. The site may contain natural or manmade hazards. These may cause serious personal injury or death. You agree to release the event producers, property owners, staff, rangers, and organizers from any liability or responsibility should you be injured, sustain property damage or die while attending this event. This Release of Liability agreement includes you releasing us from any and all claims from surviving family or heirs. You agree that you will sign a physical Release of Liability agreement prior to entry.
*CONSENT* – Personal Boundaries must be respected at all times. NO means NO. Only Yes means Yes, and be sure that you ASK PERMISSION.
When in doubt, ASK.
Photographic & Video Consent – Both fall into the same Consent category. Permission must be given BEFORE taking pictures of participants, especially if they are performing. Always ASK. You agree that all images video and filmmaking are for Personal Use Only (this doesn’t mean Facebook!). No commercial use of images allowed without a signed written agreement from the event organizers and the people shown in the images.
Animal Policy: Other than seeing eye dogs or service animals who have completed an accredited training course, please leave your pets at home.
This is a decommodified event. Advertising or offering any items or services for sale is prohibited.
This is a Leave No Trace event.
Pack it in, Pack it out.
Leave NO Trace.
By purchasing a ticket to SunBurn you agree to comply with all our policies regarding the event as posted on our website or ticketing site: before, during and after the event. All policies will be emailed to participants prior to the event, will be posted on the webpage, and will be available to read at the Gate on entry. Should you transfer a ticket in any way to a new ticket holder, that new ticket holder automatically assumes all of the terms and conditions herein.