Tickets (not updated)

Entry Requirements

Failure to meet any of these requirements may result in your entry being denied.


  • Every participant must have a ticket.
  • There are NO gate sales for SunBurn.
  • Every participant’s ticket must be in their name.
  • Tickets may be transferred via SunBurn Ticketing.
  • There are no physical tickets.
  • Please bring valid photo ID matching the name on your ticket.
  • All participants 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and have a completed minor contact information form prior to the event.
  • Every participant must sign a liability waiver at gate.
  • Every participant must wear a wristband for the duration of the event.


  • All vehicles on-site must have an appropriate vehicle pass.
  • All vehicles must have a completed vehicle registration form prior to the event.
  • All vehicles must display a vehicle registration placard.
  • Pre-printed placards will be available at gate.

Ticket Pricing

Prices do not include tax or fees added during checkout.

  • Children 12 and under
    • Free
    • Ticket(s) must still be added to your order
  • Teens aged 13-17
    • $27.50
    • Must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
  • Needs-Based Scholarships – SOLD OUT
  • Volunteer Directed Group Sales – SOLD OUT
    • $55.00
    • Locked in at Tier 1 Open Sale pricing
    • Must sign up for at least six hours of shifts during the SunBurn 2019 event in the volunteer database.
    • Great way to get a ticket if open sale tickets are sold out.
    • Details here
  • Open Sale Ticketing
    • Tier 1: $55.00 SOLD OUT
    • Tier 2 $65.00 SOLD OUT
    • Tier 3: $85.00 SOLD OUT

Vehicle Passes

Due to space constraints, SunBurn Ticketing has suspended further open sale of all vehicle camping passes so we can place art and theme camps. Parking passes for vehicles that will live in the parking lot are still available. If your vehicle will live within the footprint of a REGISTERED THEME CAMP, contact your camp lead to ask about obtaining a code to purchase a Theme Camp Vehicle Pass. If you absolutely must have your vehicle with you and are not with a theme camp, please e-mail ticketing and explain your circumstances. We can discuss how best to accommodate you.

Prices do not include tax or fees added during checkout.

  • Parking Pass
    • $10 per vehicle, regardless of length
    • Unload near your campsite, then move your vehicle to the parking lot.
  • Vehicle Camping Pass
    • $20 per vehicle 22ft long and under
    • Length includes an attached trailer or camper
  • Large Vehicle Camping Pass
    • $30 per vehicle 23ft long and over
    • Length includes an attached trailer or camper
  • Theme Camp Vehicle Pass
    • $15 per vehicle regardless of length
    • Contact your Camp Lead for a code to purchase.
    • Must be located within the Theme Camp’s footprint, established by placement during theme camp registration.
    • Due to constraints of Brown Paper Tickets, only one discount code can be applied per order. This means that if you have another discount code (scholarship or volunteer DGS), you must purchase your theme camp vehicle pass in a separate order.
    • Vehicles that cannot fit within their camp’s footprint must be relocated to the parking lot.

Buy Tickets and Passes

All ticket sales and transfers end July 1st at 11:59PM

Vehicle Registration

To help Placement and Parking, we’re requiring every vehicle to be registered. This will allow us to have pre-printed parking placards for every registered vehicle that you can simply put in your windshield. These will help SunBurn operations to be able to contact you in case there’s an issue with your vehicle while you’re not with it.

Register your vehicle passes here.

When you complete the registration, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Hold on to this e-mail, as it will include a link to update your vehicle registration, in case you end up bringing a different vehicle or transfer your vehicle pass to another person.

Ticket Transfers

  • Transfer requests are made via the Transfer Request Form.
  • Each transfer must be requested by the current ticket holder, and then accepted by recipient.
  • Each ticket or pass transferred will require its own request.
  • If the request and acceptance match, the transfer will be made and confirmation e-mails sent to both parties.
  • If there are problems with the form submissions, the parties will be notified.
  • Ticket transfers will close on July 1st at 11:59PM. Ticketing will be unable to respond to requests made after that time. Last-minute transfers or ticketing needs are less likely to be able to be satisfied, as our Lead team will be on-site early to start building the event. Please, please plan ahead!

Needs-Based Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program has sold out at this time.

SunBurn is implementing a needs-based scholarship program for the first time this year. The only guideline for applicants is that the cost of attendance represents a significant burden and they wish to be considered for the scholarship program.

Applications will be accepted through May 20th, or until we run out of the allotment of tickets dedicated to the program, whichever happens first. Applications will be reviewed by a small committee due to privacy concerns. Applicants will be notified by e-mail regarding the status of their application. The committee may require an applicant to sign up as a volunteer as part of their scholarship. This requirement will be at the committee’s discretion and will be contingent on the applicant’s responses regarding participation and contribution.

Scholarship recipients will receive a directed sale code allowing them to purchase a half-price ticket. This code must be used by May 20th or within thirty days of its receipt. Unused codes may be disabled and those tickets repurposed.

Direct questions to

Apply here.

Volunteer Directed Group Sale (DGS)

Volunteer Directed Sales are sold out at this time. Watch our news section, facebook and twitter for announcements regarding volunteer opportunities that would allow you to purchase a ticket.

SunBurn is implementing our very first DGS program this year, targeted at our volunteers. The program dedicates a block of ticketing to anyone who signs up for 6 hours volunteer time. The shifts must be during the SunBurn 2019 event.

SunBurn Volunteer Database

Once you’ve registered and signed up for the shifts, send an e-mail to and request your DGS code. These tickets are locked to Tier 1 open sale pricing, even after Tier 1 is sold out.


The Volunteer DGS program operates on an honor system. You’re promising to show up on time, capable to work the shift. Volunteers who sign up for their shifts but flake on them may be ineligible for this program in following years. If you have questions about any shift, contact the department or shift lead listed on the information for that shift, or reach out to