SunBurn 2023 Theme — Lunar Dusting

SunBurners in all corners, it’s time!

JOIN US IN ROSWELL, NM from JUNE 30th —July 3rd for SUNBURN 2023:

Lunar Dusting

This year we gather in the dust under the glow of the waxing moon.

What wonders will her reflected light illuminate for us? How can we best receive the dusty radiant particles from the vast New Mexican sky? Culminating in the early hours of July 3rd, the final day of our event, may the full moon see us renewed and reenergized by our time together in the desert.

Special thanks to Julian Wolf for this year’s theme inspiration.

If you enjoyed your time at SunBurn 2022, please consider getting involved in the production of 2023! SunBurn is a community-built event. It’s a gathering by our people, for our people, and it is entirely produced by volunteers. For those of you all-stars looking to get involved, contact info for various departments is below. Please reach out if you feel compelled to lend your talents and time!

If you’re unsure where your efforts would best be used, reach out to the email for SunBurn Event Coordinator, and our team can get you in touch with the appropriate department.

NMSPF90 LLC (NM Board of Directors):
SunBurn Event Coordinator:
Event Support:

With love and dusty hugs,

The After-Burn Report for SunBurn 2022 is available for download here:

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What is SunBurn?

SunBurn is New Mexico’s officially-sanctioned regional Burning Man event. SunBurn is a cultural movement based on the 10 principles of Burning Man and a quest to experiment our ideas within community.  This event is a temporary village created by its participants in the experiment of radical expression and doocracy.

Meaning, this is your chance to express yourself!

SunBurners build themed camps with friends and invite other burners to participate in them during the event.  SunBurners provide music and art because they love to share it. Now you can be the act and the entertainment you want to see, because what happens here is up to everyone! Leave your money at home because we are a gift economy. Gift what you have to share, and you will always find what you need.

We collaborate.

We are inclusive, creative, connective, and activated.

Lastly, SunBurn is a Leave No Trace event, so clean up after yourself so someone else doesn’t have to.

Sunburn continues to be a hard-won expression of creative and loving New Mexicans and our friends from afar. We welcome all players, new and old, to enjoy together what we call “the burn.”

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Contact List

If you have questions, please direct them to any of the following e-mail addresses. If you’re uncertain where to direct a given query, the SunBurn Event Coordinator can get you in touch with the appropriate department.

NMSPF90 LLC (NM Board of Directors):
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