The Sun is Flat too!

Join us for a weekend of Art, Community, and Fire!
Embracing the 10 Principles of Burning Man.
Our theme this year is “The Sun is Flat Too!”
encouraging you to riff on Space,
Conspiracy Theories,
the improbable, the impossible,
the weird and beyond.
Anything is possible, expect anything to happen.
July 5th – 8th


 Due to extreme fire danger we have changed the venue-

The New Mexico Regional Burning Man event is back for its third year, this time at the amazing Eaves Movie Ranch near Santa Fe toward Madrid. If you have any questions, please reach out on our contact page!  Thanks for your patience and understanding as we migrate from the Jemez Mountains to the Ranch.

All our Gratitude!


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What is Sunburn?

Sunburn is a regional Burningman event held in Jemez, New Mexico.  Sunburn is a NM Burners cultural movement based on the 10 principles of Burningman and a quest to experiment our ideas within community.  This event is a temporary village that you make by participating in the experiment of radical expression and doocracy.  Meaning, this is your chance to express yourself! Sun Burners build themed camps with friends and invite other burners to participate in them during the event.  Sun Burners provide music and art because they love to share it. Now you can be the act and the entertainment you want to see because what happens here is up to everyone!  Leave your money at home because we are a gift economy. Gift what you have to share, and you will always find what you need.  We collaborate. We are inclusive, creative, connective, and activated.  Lastly, Sunburn is a Leave No Trace event so clean up after yourself so someone else doesn’t have too. Sunburn continues to be a hard-won expression of creative and loving New Mexicans and our friends from afar.  We welcome all players, new and old, to enjoy together what we call “the burn”. 

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