SunBurn 2021

Hello dearest SunBurners near and far,

We hope you are all doing well at the onset of this new year. There are not enough words for how much we’ve missed getting together, collaborating, just seeing your faces in the last year. Hard to believe it’s been that long to begin with. We’ve had our first board meeting of 2021, and the first topic of discussion was the feasibility of having our regional burn this year. In looking at the numbers comparatively, New Mexico’s current restrictions, and our state’s vaccination statistics, we have made the decision to cancel SunBurn this year as well. There are several factors that led us to this outcome, echoing the same sentiments as other regionals that have also already canceled. We would need to be planning now, solidifying contracts, getting tickets on sale, etc., and consensus was reached that it’s still just too soon to feel confident in planning any in-person gatherings safely. We are still of the mindset that planning something now goes against civic responsibility and communal effort. It has not changed that we are still all in this together.

We are, however, in early discussions about doing more virtually this year. Keep your eyes peeled for call-outs for ideas, participants, technical know-how, and such down the line.

Final two things, if you are able, you can register for the vaccine here: ; and if you are over the age of 65, you can receive assistance with registering online by calling 311. And here is information on mental health support and other COVID resources:

NM Crisis & Access Line (toll-free, 24/7/365): 855.662.7474

COVID-19 Resources & Links: page also has links to financial assistance, workforce/job assistance/unemployment, health insurance, seniors and disabled food access hotline, and tribal directed sources, along with current statewide and nationwide information.)

Hold tight, everyone. With the vaccines rolling out, we’re hopeful that we’ll soon see this downward turn. Everything is still very uncertain, though, so we need to remain steadfast in our taking care of each other.

With love and dusty hugs,