Join the Board!


As 2019 comes to a close, NMSPF90 LLC’s board of directors needs to bring the work of two individuals whose tenure is drawing to a close.

Momo and Blaze will be finally stepping down. Blaze has been filling double duty as both NM Regional Contact and a Board Member, while also supporting the community by providing his workplace as a meeting space. Momo has been doing an unimpeachable job maintaining our finances for several years. The remaining board thanks them for their time and energy, and look forward to their return top being part of the problem.

With that said, we have spots to fill. Per our current By-Laws, the NMSPF90 Board of Directors should consist of at least five, but up to nine, individuals. While many of you may be understandably intimidated by the amount of effort that went into this year’s SunBurn, being a board member is more typically just about being a part of steering and decisionmaking. Ideal candidates must have reliable access to electronic communications, and be able to participate regularly via Slack as well as attend a monthly meeting via video conference. All manner of experience and persuasion are welcome and encouraged. Primarily, you need to have a level head, a passionate heart, and the interest and inclination to keep New Mexico Burners going and growing. Term limits are typically two years.

The interest form is available here:

Even if you’re uncertain whether you’d be a good candidate, reach out to us to have a discussion. The worst thing that could happen would be a suggestion about other ways you could get involved.

Gate Check List

Howdy folx, wanted to make sure everyone is checking their stuff now, as opposed to the day before. In order to make your gate experience silky smooth, please make sure you’ve got the following handled:

  • A ticket. Best way to make sure you have a ticket is to fill out an individual placement form:
  • A pass for any vehicle you’re bringing onsite. No vehicle will be allowed onsite without a pass. The best way to make sure you have a pass is to register it with your ticket:
  • Government issued photo ID that matches your ticket.
  • A gift for the gate, greeter and parking volunteers. This isn’t strictly required but it sure wouldn’t hurt.

If you have any questions, please e-mail after you’ve filled out the registrations above.

Final Ticket Opportunity

The absolute last chance for a volunteer ticket will be happening on Thursday morning, June 24th. I’ll be sending out a final e-mail notification to anyone on the waiting list that hasn’t been ticketed. If you want to be on that list, you need to e-mail These will be handed out first come, first served, to whoever responds and signs up for six hours of volunteer shifts.

Ice, Ice, Baby

NMSPF90 LLC will be having an ice delivery, entirely free, on Saturday. We’re planning for about a bag an attendee. If you want MORE, go ahead and visit

and add some Ice Donations to an order. These are 10lb bags offered at $2 / bag, with a 5 bag minimum. There will be NO sales on site, and the deal is that if you put in an order, you need to make sure you’re there when the truck arrives to get your ice. When the truck needs to leave, we’ll be distributing whatever’s leftover as we see fit. We’ll be checking people off while the truck is there, so keep an ear out and be ready to get over there. If you don’t pick up your order, we’ll do it for you. Capiche?

These donations will close Sunday night, because we’re setting the delivery up the next day.

The Struggle is REAL

Your friendly neighborhood ticketing lead here to ask that you familiarize yourself with our ticket transfer information BEFORE you start buying or selling SunBurn tickets. The process is two step to protect both parties, and I’m more than happy to verify the purchase price of any ticket. To do that, ask the seller to request a transfer to your e-mail address, and then send an e-mail about it to

Without the Ticket ID (which is in the confirmation e-mail you’ll receive), you can’t complete the transfer, but I can confirm the purchase price to you. You pay them, they give you that number, and you accept the transfer with it. Very safe for both parties.

We’re also down to our last 3 volunteer tickets. All volunteer ticketing will be closed on Sunday, June 30th, which is when the database is locked so we can prepare for the event. A quick reminder that volunteer tickets are NON TRANSFERRABLE. Don’t try to sell them, they’ll be canceled.

Have you heard the good news…

…about volunteering?

First and foremost, volunteering at SunBurn is easier than ever simply by visiting

Second, your best chance for tickets at this time is to make sure you’re on the Volunteer Directed Sale Wait List. People’s plans change, and when those people had a VDGS ticket, that ticket is refunded and recycled into the waitlist. When you’re on the list, you might get an e-mail from ticketing, telling you it’s your turn and there’s a spot if you want it. If we don’t hear from you within 24 hours, the spot goes to the next person in line. The only way to get these Tier 1 priced tickets is to be on the list, and the only way to get on the list is to e-mail and say “I want to be on the volunteer wait list”

SunBurn is Sold Out

We are functionally sold out at this time. All open sales are finished, all volunteer codes are issued, and all scholarships have been awarded.

If you have a ticket to sell, e-mail and we’ll try to match you up with buyers. Please keep in mind that Volunteer Tickets ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. Contact ticketing at the e-mail above for a refund.

Watch this space for announcements about specific volunteer opportunities that may become available that would allow you to purchase a ticket. These will depend on volunteers that have been issued tickets not buying