Tier 3 Release Date

SunBurn Ticketing here, to announce our last open ticket sale. This will be the last open ticket sale for SunBurn.

Tier 3 will be released on May 31st at 8pm. These tickets will be priced $85, not including tax and fees. There are only 25 tickets in this release. After this is done, we will be entirely sold out, except for Volunteer Directed Group Sales, which are not long for this world either.

For attendees needing to camp with their vehicle, we encourage you to purchase your tickets and then e-mail ticketing@nmsunburn.com. We are running all remaining vehicle camping tickets through a directed sale process in order to avoid selling more passes than we have space for. If you will be tent camping and parking your vehicle in the lot, we have plenty of space, and the $10 Vehicle Parking Pass is all that you need.